the ULTIMATE 21st birthday beer


If you are looking for a 21st birthday present that is a little more personal than a bottle of whisky here it is personalized labels. They can be used on bottles of beer or on a nice bottle of wine.










  • Computer program such as indesign or even word
  • printer
  • glue stick
  • beer or wine bottles
  • Scissors
How to:
  1. Choose picture of you and the present recipient
  2. Create a label- Make up a title of the beer (Mine was Tweetle Ale), Add picture in the middle, thing of a clever name for each bottle (One of mine was Big-Little Brewski)
  3. Print Labels
  4. Cut out
  5. Glue each label to a different bottle

Shot Book


Got a friend who’s turning 21??? Need a super cute present idea that’s fun and easy? Well here you go… the fool-proof SHOT BOOK! It’s a great gift idea that can be made with friends to cut down the cost


  • Scrapbook- usually 12×12 or a Binder
  • paper
  • glue, scissors
  • Shot recipes


  1. Choose a book that is preferably the book recievers favorite
  2. Decorate the outside with fabric, paper, stickers, wooden letter or ribbon
  3. Put their name, initals/monogram or nickname
  4. Craft it to represent the birthday girl/boy









  1. Have each friend chose a cute shot recipe
  2. Decorate the page using pictures and stickers that go with the shot theme
  3. Dont forget to add the shot recipe and title  
  4. You can also leave a spot for a picture of them taking the shot and a place for their signature and date of the shot


Easy-Breezy Curtains


 Here is a quick, easy and CHEAP way to make curtains, may they be to keep the sun      from blazing through you blindless windows, or to sheild your friends from the clutter and clothes that are over taking your closet.







1 twin size sheet- ( walmart has $5.00 ones)

1 sewing machine or needle







  1. Fold the sheet over at the band at the top of the sheet
  2. Sew closed to make a pocket for your curtian rod to go through 
  3. Use tension rod or regular curtain rod to hang







Paper Pom-Pom


Decorating a dorm on a college budget is always a little tricky, and getting those jail cell walls to look not so… jail cell like is another challenge. These paper pom poms are sure to get your room feeling much homier and add a fun pop of any of your favorite colors.


  • Tissue Paper (about 20 sheets per puff)
  • Metal Wire
  • Fishing Wire
  • Push-pins
 1. Fold tissue paper into accordion folds long-ways
  2. Secure by wrapping metal wire around and twisting the ends together
  3. Fan out each side
  4. Carefully separate each tissue layer by pulling gently up or down from the center
  5. Use clear fishing wire and push pints to hang at varied lengths for celling
  * Hanging in odd numbered groups in most appealing to the eye*