Paper Pom-Pom


Decorating a dorm on a college budget is always a little tricky, and getting those jail cell walls to look not so… jail cell like is another challenge. These paper pom poms are sure to get your room feeling much homier and add a fun pop of any of your favorite colors.


  • Tissue Paper (about 20 sheets per puff)
  • Metal Wire
  • Fishing Wire
  • Push-pins
 1. Fold tissue paper into accordion folds long-ways
  2. Secure by wrapping metal wire around and twisting the ends together
  3. Fan out each side
  4. Carefully separate each tissue layer by pulling gently up or down from the center
  5. Use clear fishing wire and push pints to hang at varied lengths for celling
  * Hanging in odd numbered groups in most appealing to the eye*

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